The glow a woman emits when she looks good is a physical reflection of how she feels. "Own your kind of beautiful" is what our brand stands for and is passionate about.

Starting with the high definition foundation, mineral and the cream to powder foundations with oil absorption, you get a good start to your beautiful day with products that have ingredients that are great for your skin. These foundations allow the skin to breathe while at the same time giving you a flawless finish. The light mineral foundations are certainly the way to go on those days you want light coverage but certainly buildable for full coverage. They can also  be used to set your liquid high definition foundation. We have these mineral foundations in 12 shades. Korres face wash and vitamin C facial peel are my go to for smooth and hydrated skin. To complete your skin care you can also use the Korres 24hr moisturizer and the advanced sleeping facial, for that dewey finish to your makeup. Great skin care is the holy grail to great looking makeup.