Accents/Accessories, a Gathering of Tribes.

The Accents

Big and bold accessories are in this season, have fun with the african print earrings either the studs or the longer earrings all of which frame your face and make a statement. We believe that we express ourselves with accessoriries and these are the rage this season. As Africans we feel like this is sort of like a gathering of tribes, because we get our fabric every corner of Africa and then make the pieces from experiences that inspire us.

Although we have intentionally made these earrings one of a kind collectable pieces, they are versatile and suit the wearer well. The African print become the focal point of any fashionista's outfit and each season we will introduce the new collection with a newsletter and a blog about the materials. Our focus as a brand is not to focus on the fleeting seasonal collections but rather to have collections that women can always wear throughout the seasons.